CTX: BRACE was founded by Rishabh Jain of XLRI School of Management and J. Michael Tasse of Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management in October of 2014 in Shanghai, China. After weeks of nightly contemplation sessions attempting to figure out how to supplement their MBA education and connect  fellow classmates to the real world of industry consulting, they organized the first of a series of weekly events on October 16th of that year. With the invaluable help of co-founding members Arniv Gupta, Fernanda Estrada, Neelesh Mathur, Amber Shukla, Sixto Torres and Pramod Kamath, CTX:BRACE has become more than just a review-club: it is a place to learn, share and engage in the real world of consulting.

Since that first meeting, the group has engaged industry professionals, diagnosed cases and theories, competed in competitions (with members Shukla, Siddharth Jain and Mathur taking first place in an independent competition) and assisted each other in supplementing our theoretical Global MBA education with real-world consulting experience.

So what does it stand for?

Neelesh Mathur tactfully re-established our current insignia on November 6, 2014

Case Tongji XLRI: Business Review and Consulting Endeavors

Original member Sixto Torres of Weatherhead summed it up quite nicely one evening after a day of meetings, analytics and Shanghai street food. He said,

“The Case-Tongji-XLRI Global MBA Consulting Club gives a multi-cultural, multi-perspective approach to learning how businesses overcome challenges, innovate, and grow. We accomplish this through examining case studies, conducting interviews with industry professionals, and applying our learned knowledge to active, real-time consulting projects.”



We’ll see you on Thursday.


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