A Letter to our Incoming Classes – Welcome to BRACE

20150629_115156 David Sylvan of David Sylvan Consulting and Weatherhead School of Management Associate Professor, discussing with BRACE tactics and strategies for building relationships to attract clients, how to retain them, and how to be always on the lookout for “listening opportunities.”

The following is a letter to the XLRI Juniors from Cleveland, USA to Jamshedpur, India. The XLRI batch has not only been selected, but is already preparing months in advance for their Global MBA program, which sends them to Shanghai with the Tongji and Weatherhead students in September. We’re counting on our Juniors to carry BRACE into the future –
“Standing on the shoulders of giants helps you see even above, Giants.

Dear XLRI Global MBA Juniors,

 Firstly, allow me and the CTX BRACE consulting club to congratulate you on what will possibly become one of the most fascinating journeys you have had thus far in life. You are getting ready for Shanghai, which is where three of your GMBA Seniors, Rishabh Jain, Pramod Kamath and I organized that first ‘pitch’ meeting of meetings to supplement our strategy education that would soon become CTX:BRACE.
I remember the first time Rishabh and I were organizing those early meetings, red in the faces we were arguing about format or some other trivial detail, and Siddharth Jain had to pull us apart and tell us to cool it! Out of that came a strong friendship that led to what we are today.
Within just one meeting, Arniv Gupta, Fernanda Estrada, Amber Shukla, Siddharth Jain, Sixto Torres, Adithya Gugan Ravi, Xia Jia, Chen Tong and of course Neelesh Mathur (who named us) – and more were discussing the fundamental foundation of how meetings would be arranged, who we would bring in, and how we would build this club into something powerful.

We must thank Fernanda Estrada for being our first presenter back in October of 2014 in the Tongji Guest House presentation room.

Before long, we were Skyping in professional consultants from Deloitte, PwC, Accenture and more to get the real scoop on how to develop as consultants, and what the real world of consulting actually looked like. We were rotating presenters and doing case studies on companies like the famous Japanese Telecom Giant Docomo, Coca-cola and more. Rishabh Jain was masterfully bringing in concepts from Harvard Business Review – some of which our professors even used in class later in the semester! (You all have access to HBR at XLRI and Case)

In Jamshedpur, we began working on the case-study interview method, improving our understanding of how to solve a case in a consulting interview, all the while expanding our reach of concepts learning how to do so.


Now, we are onto another intense semester in Cleveland at Case, working with professors, consultants and other professionals to learn how to become a consultant now, and the skills we can continue developing throughout our lives. We have a proctor professor, David Sylvan, who not only worked 25+ years on Wallstreet and knows the ‘real world,’ but also has a consulting firm of his own, and has taken a profound interest in seeing our success. Your class with him will pair perfectly with what the consulting club seeks: real projects and real experience.


Above and beyond consulting, this group has come together in a tightness that goes beyond this MBA program – we built something together, we argued together, we challenged each other, we made fun of Rishabh and me a lot, and we are all stronger people because of it.


 We are in the process of designing a template for you to continue the CTX BRACE consulting club from where we left off, and take it to new heights using our connections and previous work.

 Welcome XLRI juniors. We will all be in touch.

 Take a peak at our agenda for Monday. We want to Skype you all in to a meeting in the next couple of weeks to start getting a feel for those who are interested.

​ Again, congratulations juniors.