Next Meeting: Monday, March 16th, 7pm India Standard Time

 Out from the trenches of debilitating pulmonary illness last week Rishabh Jain guided us like Theodore Roosevelt through the format of the remainder of our classes: preparing for the interview, and familiarizing ourselves in depth with the terms and concepts of strategy. Through the jungles of fatigue like old Teddy Roosevelt himself did in the Brazilian Amazon before his presidency, Jain raised up in front of the crowd and gave it his all, for the team. Now all Rishabh needs is a great mustache like the 26th President of the United States.

Our next meeting will take place​ on Monday at 7pm in the classroom.

 Rishabh will again walk us through the Kellogg Book on Strategy for the first half hour, and the remainder of the time we will be practicing in small groups for interviews-style cases.

 Please read through the second part of the book, and familiarize yourself with the charts, major terms and subject headings provided before Monday evening.


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