Balancing We and Me – Need for Privacy in Workplaces


Balancing we and me article is about the need for privacy versus collaboration at work, with Arniv leading the presentation.
The privacy at work has come a long way and has alternated between the need to collaborate and the need to have privacy at work. It just does not mean the privacy in a physical sense but also the need privacy in the online world as well.

India and China have less space per employee, yet the satisfaction levels of both the country was

better than most other countries of the world. This was attributed to the cultural context in which these surveys may have been conducted.
Ali came in with the point of space management and the fact that the tele-working was a great way for employees to have the privacy that they long for. But the backside of this is that employees can be less engaged and home is not necessarily a great place to work

from continuously.


Pramod bought in the point of distinguishing between culture and the infrastructure of
the company. A company can have all the tools and infrastructure in place to have a well- balanced work atmosphere, but this is of no relevance if the company culture does not support it.

Ameya bought in the situation in the manufacturing sector. Since there is there is no real office space and most of the work happens on the floor or on-site, the sector may need a whole lot of other reforms.



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