CTX: BRACE Business Review and Consulting Endeavors

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Logo, compliments of Aksahy Chaudhary

We originally submitted CTX Consulting as Case, Tongji, XLRI. But the name failed to explain the specific categories of study and practice. CTX: BRACE was born after discussion after our first meeting in early October of 2014, Neelesh Mathur bore the idea in a dream. Energized, he filed and email to the group and BRACE was created. Tasse created the first logo, which became obsolete with the implementation of Akshay’s brain stem and cap design.



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“The Case-Tongji-XLRI Consulting Club gives a multi-cultural, multi-perspective approach to learning how businesses overcome challenges, innovate, and grow. We accomplish this through examining case studies, conducting interviews with industry professionals, and applying our learned knowledge to active, real-time consulting projects.”

– Sixto Torres, CTX:BRACE Global MBA Founding Member